Production & Recording

Our studio is based at Sirkus Studios in Nottingham, UK. (view on google maps)

We have a team of top-quality producers who strive for originality. Our equipment includes:

– A wide variety of excellent mics
– DAWs: Ableton 11 Suite, Cubase, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools Perpetual, Reaper
-Plugins: XLN Addictive Drums & Keys, Arturia Synths, Izotope Iris, NI Komplete, Kontakt, and many more synths, amps, and vocal manipulators.
– High-quality preamps and low latency connectivity.
– Session musicians (upon request)

Achieve the sound you’re looking for with the endless emulators and synths in our plugin library.

From drums and synths, basses to processing VSTs, we’ve got everything you need and tonnes more.

We have a diverse selection of instrumentals for sale.
We also offer tailored production and songwriting either in person or remotely.
Remixing services are available.

All of this is available for as low as £20 per hour which includes a producer and engineer.
Full/multiple day hire is available for £150 per 8 hour day. Tea and coffee are provided.

Contact: to request a session.